Bodybuilding tips

I know first hand how many bad bodybuilding tips are  on the internet and that most bodybuilding tips are given with only profit in mind (getting you to buy suppliments etc).  Due to this I've decided to make one page full of simplified, no bull shit bodybuilding tips. All for free of course. I'll list my basic bodybuilding tips in bold and go into more detail below. I'll also de-bunk bodybuilding myths.

As diet is by far the most important factor when it comes to bodybuilding, I'll start there.


Want to build muscle? Consume a surplus of calories.

Most people in the gym bodybuilding believe protein is what builds muscle, this is NOT true. The ONLY thing that builds muscle is consuming more calories than your body needs to maintain your current weight. Studies have shown, as a natural bodybuilder 0.65g of protein per lb of your bodyweight is all you need for maximum results. By the time you've consumed your daily calorie needs to gain weight, you've most likely already reached your protein needs already. It doesn't matter what you've done in the gym and how much protein you've consumed, if you've not consumed a surplus of calories that day you'll get ZERO results.

Want to lose fat? Consume a defecit of calories.

The ONLY way to lose weight is by eating less calories than your body needs to maintain your current weight. Cardio will help you reach a defecit of calories, as you're burning calories. However, cardio is NOT essential to lose weight. If you have a calorie maintinance of 2000 calories and you've consumed 2800 that day but burned 700 during cardio, you're still going to GAIN weight. If you consumed 1900 calories and did zero cardio, you'll LOSE weight.

Meal timing is irrelivant

It's a common myth that you'll gain weight if you eat at night before sleeping. The time at which you eat does not matter at all, the only thing that matters is how many calories you've consumed once you've gotten into your bed at night. If you get into bed having eating a surplus of calories that day, you'll gain weight. If you get into your bed having eaten a defecit of calories that day, you'll lose weight. It does not matter at what time you consumed those calories.

Suppliments are not needed

This should be obvious as the key is in the actual world itself, SUPPLIMENT. Media/ advertising has warped the general populations minds into believing whey protein is somehow a magical powder that builds muscle. Whey protein is EXACTLY the same as getting your protein from elsewhere. In the diet section above I've talked about your protein needs only needing to be 0.65g per lb of bodyweight. Based on this, whey protein is a waste of money if you're looking to build muscle. Sure, take a multi vitamin and suppliments for your joints but NO suppliment out there will improve your results in bodybuilding.

Training/ bodybuilding routines.

Progressive overload

Apart from your diet, progressive overload is the 2nd most important aspect to building muscle. Your body does not want to change, you have to force it to. Everytime you're in the gym, increase the weight your lifting OR do more reps with a certain weight.

Form + mind muscle connection > weight

When you step in the gym, leave your ego at the door. The weight you lift as a bodybuilder is not important. Master your form before you start increasing the weight you're using. Focus on the muscle you're using whilst performing an excercise and you'll build a strong mind muscle connection over time. The guy with the best chest in the gym, will most likely not have the strongest bench press in the gym.

There's no such thing as a good gym routine for bodybuilding, everyone is different.

What works for someone else, may not work for you. It's important to find out what works for YOU.

Be consistant

Consitancy is #1. Bodybuilding takes time and there's no secrets to achieving your goals, you just have to stay consitant with your diet and training and over time, the results will come.

Negative reps are important in bodybuilding

When you're lifting a weight whilst bodybuilding, you should always be in control of the weight. Don't throw the weight down after each rep, control it on the way down and you'll see much better results.

Change your routine up frequently

Do different excercises, switch up the order in which you do certain excercises & change your rep ranges now and then. It's always beneficial in bodybuilding to change it up now and then so your body has to keep adapting.

Genetics are not important

The word "genetics" gets tossed around a lot in bodybuilding. The ONLY thing that matters is being the best possible version of yourself. Even if you don't have the greatest bodybuilding genetics in the world, you can always improve yourself.

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