There's 2 ways to get the download links to ALL of my playlists on this website, the 2nd option being 100% FREE.


Option 1 (you don't have to have a  paypal account).

Donate ANY amount of money to my paypal (whatever you think they're worth) and I'll email you the download links within 24 hours. Any amount donated helps me A LOT, I'm 20 without an income and find it hard to afford to keep this website online.

All donators recieve:

- ALL download links to my playlists

- Bonus playlists that only donators receive.

- Playlists made just for you based on your tastes (if requested).

- An email every time I upload a new playlist with the download link

- Free gym/ diet advice through email (optional)

Option 2: If you can't afford to donate anything here's a free download link you can reach all the download links to my playlists. I'm sorry you have to fill out a survey before reaching the download links but please remember you'll receive 10 hours+ worth of music for free in 5- 10 mins. If you're having problems email me at  DOWNLOAD LINKS